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  • 2018-04-21T23:38:24Z

    Portraits: Flutist Sarah | Winchester, Va

    On a frigid and windy January afternoon, three ladies got together to create something special, despite the cold and wind. After talking about it for what felt like forever, Sarah, Amber and I finally teamed up to create magic! More of that in a second…

    Sarah is one of those people that comes along once in a great while, and hers is a friendship you learn very quickly is something special to be treasured. Funny, intelligent, strong willed and purely kind, she is someone who always has your back and is ready to make you laugh. Not only is she a great person, she’s also a talented musician and student in the Shenandoah University Conservatory. So far killing it in her education, it’s pretty clear she is going places with her music! Some downtime in her school schedule offered the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot!

    Amber is another gem that I have been so lucky to know…lucky being an understatement. I could spend the day going on about how special Amber is, and about the beautiful mark she is leaving on this world. She sparkles and illuminates and brings happiness to a sometimes dreary world. One of the many ways she does that, is by enriching women’s lives and helping to remind them of their beauty with a little help from Mary Kay. A senior sales director, Amber has had great success with the company, as well as her own work speaking, writing, and motivating others. She’s gonna change the world folks, look out!

    I was so excited to introduce the two officially and work together as a team! When the day arrived, these ladies were so ready to create! When makeup was finished, Sarah peeked in the mirror and immediately called Amber a magician! (For the record, she is in fact not a magician! She is however a talented artist who helped enhance Sarah’s already stunning features!) Showtime! SarahSaul2018-1SarahSaul2018-2SarahSaul2018-4SarahSaul2018-20SarahSaul2018-5SarahSaul2018-11SarahSaul2018-6SarahSaul2018-17SarahSaul2018-12SarahSaul2018-24SarahSaul2018-14SarahSaul2018-27SarahSaul2018-29SarahSaul2018-40SarahSaul2018-42SarahSaul2018-37SarahSaul2018-52SarahSaul2018-48SarahSaul2018-53SarahSaul2018-56SarahSaul2018-55Sarah did a fantastic job braving the cold with her flute in hand. When we made it back to the original location, we were ready to warm her up with a little fire!SarahSaul2018-62SarahSaul2018-57SarahSaul2018-63SarahSaul2018-61SarahSaul2018-67Great job, Sarah! You killed it!

  • 2018-04-16T20:02:21Z

    Wedding: Holly + Ryan | Knowlton Mansion | Philadelphia, Pa

    The first time we met Holly, we fell in love. She could not have been sweeter, more welcoming, and she could not have felt more like a friend by the time our meeting was over. Her sweet mother accompanied us on our meeting and the three of us hit it off so well. We sat at that coffee shop and I listened in awe as she told me the story of her and Ryan, their journey,  and their deep love for each other that spanned the years. As she told me her plans for her fairy tale wedding that would take place at Knowlton Mansion, I grew more excited.

    The year seemed to fly by and before we knew it, the wedding day had arrived. The chilly but beautiful November morning brought us plenty of sunshine and happiness as both bride and groom prepared to make their vows.

    HR0030HR0033HR0047Holly’s details were extra special, with lots of thought and love behind them. HR0847HR0067HR0081HR0119HR0084HR0096HR0121HR0124HR0126HR0134HR0136HR0137HR0141HR0144HR0147HR0148HR0162HR0165HR0167LeRoy’s did such an amazing job on the flowers! HR0168HR0176HR0179HR0189HR0199HR0200HR0211HR0224HR0256Ryan’s face as Holly approached him says it all. HR0261HR0263HR0269HR0295HR0314HR0319HR0327HR0389HR0391Cold? What cold? Between the sparklers and the cheering and all the love, we had all the warmth we could ask for! HR0404HR0414HR0425HR0442HR0446HR0448HR0455HR0457HR0459HR0462V.I.P. group-shot!! HR0467HR0469Bridal party shot, or album cover photo? We can’t tell the difference 😉 HR0471HR0477We can’t help but to think Ryan looks absolutely regal here. HR0480HR0483HR0489HR0491HR0493HR0499How gorgeous is the ballroom at Knowlton? We can’t get over how pretty that cake was!! HR0513HR0518Cocktail hour was loaded with great food, warm ambiance, and really happy guests ❤ HR0532HR0546HR0548HR0568HR0575SO much love and laughter, our hearts are full!! HR0579HR0583DN Entertainment helped this already lively crowd open the dance floor and start the party. SO much fun!! HR0606HR0608As a special surprise, Holly had a bag piper come to the reception and play for her Marine. It was really something amazing. HR0615HR0633HR0637HR0667The dinner provided by Conroy Catering was superb! HR0672HR0678HR0686Once the formals were over and dinner was done, DJ Drew got things going with the best music and kept the dance floor packed! Seriously, he is so much fun and throws the best party! HR0711HR0731HR0811HR0819HR0829HR0831Just LOOK at all that dessert!HR0836HR0838HR0841HR0843HR0867HR0943HR0969HR1016It was so nice to borrow the two for a bit and steal them away from their party. It gave us one more opportunity for romantic photos of Holly and Ryan’s fairy tale wedding. HR1017HR0998HR1014HR1003

    Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Greene!!!


    Bridal Gown: Stephanie’s Bridal

    Bride’s Shoes: Spark Art & Design

    Caterer: Conroy Catering

    DJ: DN Entertainment

    Florist: LeRoy’s

    Hair: Salon Blush

    Makeup: Make Me Glam

    Venue: Knowlton Mansion


  • 2018-04-08T21:29:53Z

    Portraits: Baby A and Family | State Arboretum of Virginia | Boyce, VA

    We can’t say enough how happy we are that Senobia found our website and asked us to take portraits of her and her two boys in honor of baby Adian’s first birthday! We met on an overcast autumn morning and really enjoyed getting to know these three amazing people!

    It was awesome to learn that Senobia is a musician studying for her Master’s, and we have a feeling she, her hard work, and her talents are going to go really far! Aidan and Liam are THE sweetest boys ever, so welcoming and friendly and ready to rock their photo session!

    We had the greatest time working this this fabulous trio, and we can’t wait to photograph the family again when dad, who was deployed at the time, is settled in back at home! We will be so excited to see our new friends again!


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