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  • 2017-10-24T12:26:20Z

    Musicians: Draumr | Harper Cemetery | Harper’s Ferry, WV

    Musicians, long time friends, talents, sociological thinkers, newly coupled, and all around great people, Willow and Gabe are the two impeccable people that make up the band Draumr.

    Icelandic for ‘dream,’ these two dreamers took little time in finding the perfect name for their band. It suits them, their style, and their music perfectly!

    We chose our location hoping for fog, monochromatic colors and that overall creepy vibe. We were instead gifted gorgeous morning with the warmest fluffy temperatures, a golden sunrise, and the prettiest views!

    Draumr-1Draumr-8Draumr-11Draumr-18Draumr-19Draumr-25Draumr-28Draumr-37Draumr-41Draumr-39Draumr-44Draumr-46Draumr-53Draumr-59Draumr-63Draumr-70Draumr-80Draumr-85Draumr-94Draumr-95Draumr-98Draumr-100Willow’s lovely sister Mila came along for the fun and was a great assistant!! Draumr-189Draumr-193Draumr-108Draumr-110Draumr-116Draumr-128Draumr-134Draumr-135Draumr-136Draumr-144Draumr-152Draumr-159Draumr-170Draumr-176Draumr-179Draumr-185Draumr-188

    We have been lucky enough to watch them play once, and can’t wait to share those images with you as well as capture new ones when they play again!


  • 2017-09-06T17:08:47Z

    Wedding: Ranisha + Shane | The Woodwinds | Branford, Ct

    Sometimes, when you know, you just know. When Shane and Ranisha reluctantly decided to meet after weeks of great conversation on a well known dating website, Shane knew they were meant to be. According to our lovely bride Ranisha, their first date was full of laughter, interesting conversation and a plan to meet again soon. It is pretty clear that laughter and communication are prominent in this happy couple’s relationship, and they wore smiles the entire day of their wedding.

    The warm day in June quickly arrived, and the bride and groom’s beaming smiles replaced the sun that had gone into hiding. The cloud cover threatened rain, but held off long enough for the lovebirds to tie the knot and take photos outside! The ladies were sheer perfection in their gowns from David’s Bridal, and the guys were so handsome in their suits from Modern Formals. It was like a bunch of models were given to us for the day of the wedding!

    The Woodwinds Wedding and Event Center in Branford, CT was a well oiled machine that made sure Ranisha and Shane’s wedding went off without a hitch. The gorgeous property was a fantastic setting for their ceremony and portraits! The ballroom looked amazing with its amber up-lighting and beautiful details that the bride provided. It’s All About You DJs brought a super fun photo booth and the funniest DJ and Emcee ever! Nothing compared to the amazing crowd of family and friends that were there in support and celebration of this wonderful couple. It was an honor to be there, and we are so grateful!

    RS-1RS-27-1The guys looked great as they hung out and waited for the day to begin! RS-32RS-46-1RS-49The ladies arrived looking stunning and ready to have a wedding!RS-90RS-124-1RS-126RS-136They had the best idea when it came to getting the newest and littlest member of the family down the aisle! RS-144RS-151Lighthearted and upbeat Shane appeared serious, calm, and over-the-moon happy when Ranisha began down the aisle. RS-163RS-171RS-233RS-257Following the ceremony, the folks at The Woodwinds knew we were going to take pictures and were ready to serve the newlyweds and their party fresh food and drinks! RS-287RS-333RS-336RS-339RS-345RS-357-1RS-360RS-362-1RS-364The large tree was such a pretty backdrop for us as we crossed our fingers and hoped for the rain to hold off! (Spoiler, it did!)RS-379RS-384RS-395RS-398RS-408RS-414-1RS-426The proud father of the groom was excited for a portrait of all of his boys!RS-437RS-443-1RS-446RS-452RS-457-1RS-469Ugh, the decor, gorgeous! RS-472RS-473RS-481RS-484RS-490RS-500Introducing…Mr. and Mrs. Shane Parker!!! RS-519RS-522RS-532The first dance was filled with so much laughter punctuated by some very sweet, quiet moments between the two. The immense love is so beautiful! RS-539RS-551-1The sweet dance was followed by some very special toasts. RS-561RS-564We can tell you, the food provided by The Woodwinds was phenomenal!RS-592RS-596RS-600After the traditions – the dances, the toasts, dinner, came the dancing. The moves we saw on this dance floor were unlike any we’ve seen. From the young kids to grandma, the dance moves were sick — and they made it look SO easy! Teach us your ways! RS-647RS-659RS-676-1RS-717RS-753RS-839RS-845RS-849RS-862RS-885RS-897RS-914RS-920Congratulations to this amazing couple. We wish you all the years of happiness, love, and health. We know it’s going to be a truly beautiful marriage ❤


    Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal

    Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

    Cake: J Cakes

    Caterer: The Woodwinds – Cafe Allegie

    DJ: It’s All About You DJs

    Makeup: Blush Beauty Studio – Hamden, CT

    Men’s Wear: Modern Formals

    Photo Booth: It’s All About You

  • 2017-08-18T14:52:59Z

    Wedding: Lauren + Rhett | Historic Jordan Springs | Winchester, Va

    Held at the gorgeous and charming Historic Jordan Springs, Lauren and Rhett put together a celebration that set the bar high for the rest of the season! Full of bright sunny colors, rustic and country details, and cowgirl boots, this wedding was the perfect summer soiree!

    Many years ago when Lauren and I met and became friends, I never would have imagined that we would get to share such a special moment. Thankfully, she entrusted us with her amazing wedding day, and we were absolutely  honored to photograph this perfect day.


    LR002Every little detail of this beautiful venue had us going shutter crazy!


    How cool are these shot glasses??LR008Shooting some pool is a great way to chill before getting ready for the big day. Guys have it so easy!LR012LR017LR041LR022LR057LR072LR089LR090Lauren’s light and airy David’s Bridal gown was perfect for her and for her summer wedding!LR098LR102We’re always looking for something shiny to photograph the rings on! LR111LR113Lauren kept her grandmother’s prayer book close by on her big day. It meant a lot to her to keep this beautiful heirloom close to her heart on such a special day. LR132LR137LR150How perfect are these red Nocona cowgirl boots? LR166Rhett was beaming and ready to see his bride!LR171LR176LR182LR187LR189The joy Rhett had on his face as he turned around and saw his bride is the stuff dreams are made of! LR191LR194LR207LR216LR222LR227LR231LR246LR251LR261LR264LR267LR272This family ❤ They are so special! LR276Dad and Pennie took a little stroll while we worked with mom and her stunning beauty! LR280Shoutout to The Hair Company for such an amazing job on hair! LR290LR307Lauren – You.Are.Stunning!!LR322LR334Lauren gifted her lovely ladies with these awesome denim jackets! Since it was a bit toasty, we also opted for photos with them off! LR338LR348LR358This group!! Fantastic people!LR363LR367LR369LR372LR384Thanks to Naturescapes for these incredible flowers!LR448LR462LR467LR477LR484LR490LR497LR506LR508LR510LR513LR527LR552LR556The bride and groom included an Irish Hand Fasting in their wedding ceremony.LR564LR572LR606LR607LR622Instead of the traditional wedding cake, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd opted for these awesome and delicious pies!LR624We’re in love with Lauren’s rustic details!LR635LR648Cocktail hour was such a great time full of friends and family gathering, mingling, and giving the bride and groom love! LR651This group of super fun friends was destined to have awesome intros, and they did!LR699LR754LR757LR760LR768LR774LR836The ballroom at Historic Jordan Springs looked beautiful with Lauren’s touch! Guests enjoyed the splendid room, delicious food, and fun music from Those Three Guys! LR837LR898LR953LR957LR966


    Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal

    Bride’s Shoes: Nocona Boots

    Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

    Cake (Pies): Crossroads Grocery (Karen Lockhart)

    Caterer: Historic Jordan Springs

    Florist: Naturescapes

    Men’s Wear: Men’s Wearhouse

    Reception Band: Those Three Guys

    Venue: Historic Jordan Springs


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