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  • 2018-09-11T18:11:14Z

    Portraits: Christina – Musician | Blandy Experimental Farm | Boyce, Va

    Thanks to our friendship with Sarah, the super talented musician from Shenandoah University, we met Christina, another super talented musician from Shenandoah University! With Spring finally arriving, we took advantage of a gorgeous afternoon at Blandy Farm and photographed Christina to showcase her talent and accomplishments.

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    As we walked around the farm, we enjoyed the views, witnessed a ton of other photo shoots going on, got dangerously close to way too many big birds, and learned about all the things we have in common. It was a gorgeous evening and we are so happy with the gorgeous photos we created. It was so great getting to know Christina, and we wish her all the best in her future!

  • 2018-09-06T14:56:24Z

    Wedding: Brittney + Ryan | Peter Allen House | Dauphin, Pa

    May just might be the unofficial wedding month, and for very good reason. Things have had time to come back to life after the winter snap, sunsets feel warmer and the days are longer. Color schemes consist of the happiest colors, and the weather is (usually) just perfect.

    A beautiful May morning brought us together at the Peter Allen House in Dauphin, Pa, and Brittney greeted us with her bright blue eyes and perfect smile as we ascended the walkway. Birds were singing all over the place and the sunlight on the flowers in the gardens to the side seemed like it was painted in.

    BR-2BR-10BR-18BR-23 As the couple stayed in their separate designated areas, we hung around and captured all the fun! It was really a treat to witness the tight-knit bond this group had, and how comfortable they were with each other. With friendships spanning back to grade school, this group of buddies really knew how to have the best time together.BR-73BR-94BR-95BR-103BR-112BR-125BR-140BR-215BR-222BR-225BR-192Meeting in 5th grade, Brittney and Ryan have covered a lot of ground together as good friends throughout grade school, high school, and eventually college. After 5 special years of dating, Ryan knew he wanted to propose and make Brittney his wife! For Christmas, he gifted Brittney with a trip to NYC, and they went the weekend before Valentine’s day. While eating dinner, a couple at a nearby table got engaged. Brittany made a comment about how cheesy it is, and Ryan was immediately scared out of his original plan to propose! Later, the couple shared an adventure together in the form of ice skating in Central Park. As they were preparing to leave, snow started to fall, and Ryan was moved by the moment, He got down on one knee, and Brittany wholeheartedly accepted. The rest is history!BR-199Brittney spent a quiet moment alone reading (and recording) a letter written to her by her soon to be husband. BR-204BR-205BR-207

    The wedding ceremony that took place in the garden at Peter Allen house overlooked a mountain range and gray Spring sky as the bride and groom stood by the trellis lined with vibrant and fragrant hanging Wisteria. The officiant delivered a lighthearted and poignant sermon talking on love, happiness, and marriage. Following a sweet and somewhat extended first kiss (just our style!) the newlyweds nearly floated down the aisle to prepare for as many outdoor portraits as possible before the looming rain finally started.

    BR-241BR-245Both taking such a huge role in her life, Brittney had both her father and her stepfather walk her down the aisle. BR-256BR-257BR-301BR-314BR-318BR-321BR-325BR-335BR-363BR-391BR-439BR-457BR-475BR-480BR-493

    Thank goodness Peter Allen House set up a tent off to the side just in case it rained! We took full advantage of the complete cover and enjoyed hanging out capturing photos as the bridal party and family groups gathered. All the while, we’d catch Brittney and Ryan totally into each other, somewhat unaware that they were in fact not the only two people in the room.


    When we made out way over to the reception tent, we were greeted with the aroma of delicious food prepared by Festive Board out of York, Pa.

    BR-533BR-537BR-540BR-541BR-542BR-546BR-547BR-552BR-557BR-560BR-575BR-582These two kiddos were outside playing in the rain, and I couldn’t help but to stop them for a quick photo!

    Complete Weddings got the party started with awesome music and helped the bridal party make their super fun introductions.


    After a sweet first dance and tearful speeches, we all enjoyed dinner that was followed by non-stop dancing. The party ended far too soon, as they always do, and we were lucky enough to step outside for some super romantic night-shots before we said our goodbyes.

    BR-642BR-647BR-653BR-679BR-686BR-711BR-722BR-730BR-754When the rain (sort of) broke, we took advantage and sneaked outside for some portraits of the newlyweds! BR-759BR-765BR-769BR-771BR-779BR-780BR-795BR-801BR-850BR-994BR-1006BR-1045BR-1140BR-1143

    Brittney and Ryan, thank you so much for choosing us and making us feel like one of the gang! Congratulations on this beautiful union, and we wish you all the happiness in the world!


    Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal | Bridesmaid Dresses: Taylored For You | Bridal Shoes: Jessica Simpson | Cake: Camryn Kovie (friend of the couple) | Caterer: Festive Board | Ceremony/Reception Music: Complete Weddings | Florist: Royer’s Flowers | Makeup: Romelle – Sephora Makeup Artist | Men’s Wear: Men’s Wearhouse | Stationery: Vistaprint

  • 2018-04-21T23:38:24Z

    Portraits: Flutist Sarah | Winchester, Va

    On a frigid and windy January afternoon, three ladies got together to create something special, despite the cold and wind. After talking about it for what felt like forever, Sarah, Amber and I finally teamed up to create magic! More of that in a second…

    Sarah is one of those people that comes along once in a great while, and hers is a friendship you learn very quickly is something special to be treasured. Funny, intelligent, strong willed and purely kind, she is someone who always has your back and is ready to make you laugh. Not only is she a great person, she’s also a talented musician and student in the Shenandoah University Conservatory. So far killing it in her education, it’s pretty clear she is going places with her music! Some downtime in her school schedule offered the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot!

    Amber is another gem that I have been so lucky to know…lucky being an understatement. I could spend the day going on about how special Amber is, and about the beautiful mark she is leaving on this world. She sparkles and illuminates and brings happiness to a sometimes dreary world. One of the many ways she does that, is by enriching women’s lives and helping to remind them of their beauty with a little help from Mary Kay. A senior sales director, Amber has had great success with the company, as well as her own work speaking, writing, and motivating others. She’s gonna change the world folks, look out!

    I was so excited to introduce the two officially and work together as a team! When the day arrived, these ladies were so ready to create! When makeup was finished, Sarah peeked in the mirror and immediately called Amber a magician! (For the record, she is in fact not a magician! She is however a talented artist who helped enhance Sarah’s already stunning features!) Showtime! SarahSaul2018-1SarahSaul2018-2SarahSaul2018-4SarahSaul2018-20SarahSaul2018-5SarahSaul2018-11SarahSaul2018-6SarahSaul2018-17SarahSaul2018-12SarahSaul2018-24SarahSaul2018-14SarahSaul2018-27SarahSaul2018-29SarahSaul2018-40SarahSaul2018-42SarahSaul2018-37SarahSaul2018-52SarahSaul2018-48SarahSaul2018-53SarahSaul2018-56SarahSaul2018-55Sarah did a fantastic job braving the cold with her flute in hand. When we made it back to the original location, we were ready to warm her up with a little fire!SarahSaul2018-62SarahSaul2018-57SarahSaul2018-63SarahSaul2018-61SarahSaul2018-67Great job, Sarah! You killed it!

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