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  • 2018-02-08T20:13:57Z

    Portraits: Baby Grace | Northern Virginia

    When we met Gracie’s mom Kayla, we were smitten right away. Seriously one of the nicest people we have ever come across, a few minutes with Kayla was like reuniting with an old friend. It was great learning about her life and how excited she was for this new adventure. Check out her story here!

    We were so excited when we finally got the chance to meet baby Grace ❤ She is truly an angelic child already and we took so much joy from photographing her. She loved the flowers we brought just as much as her mommy and I loved admiring her throughout her first KJP photo shoot! Time flies when you’re having fun and before we knew it, it was time for Gracie to take her nap and for us to head home. We are so happy to have spent this quality time with mommy and baby, and look forward to the next photo session!

    Baby Grace -1Baby Grace -7Baby Grace -2Baby Grace -9Baby Grace -12Baby Grace -15Baby Grace -13Baby Grace -17Baby Grace -20Baby Grace -18Baby Grace -27Baby Grace -21Baby Grace -31Baby Grace -33Baby Grace -38Baby Grace -41Baby Grace -46

  • 2018-01-18T17:32:58Z

    Wedding: Colleen + Steven | Downingtown Country Club | Downingtown, Pa

    Years ago when we first met Colleen and Steven, we were so impressed by this young couple, already together for years, and their bright, vibrant energy. Every time with these two was a good time, and being around them was a blast! We quickly learned that is a theme for the members of the Sliwinski family and the people that spend their time with them, they are all true joys to be around!

    High school sweethearts, Colleen and Steven have spent many years together growing up and growing in love. They did it all with the support of their tight-knit family and group of friends, who are quite literally the best and most loving cheerleaders we have ever met! That closeness made Steve’s proposal on the fourth of July, a holiday celebrated with the entire family, even more special! They value their close relationships and they also value a good time! Put those two things together, and being a fly on the all at one of their events is such a great experience.

    From the exciting moments that had us cracking up, to the speeches and moments that had us tearing up, this wedding was absolute perfection and we are SO happy Colleen and Steven made us a part of it! Look on and see what all the fuss is about ❤

    CSS -4Our day began with the guys, who were well into party mode and ready to welcome us in! We watched as Steven opened his gift from Colleen, and it was perfect!CSS -30CSS -66CSS -49CSS -95CSS -157CSS -167CSS -112CSS -102CSS -184CSS -177We met with Colleen at the hotel before she and her ladies made their way to the country club, and we of course took the opportunity to snap some photos. A happy coincidence, the curtain in the room matched Colleen’s wedding colors! CSS -170CSS -200CSS -191CSS -222Blue Moon Florist did such a great job on Colleen’s flowers! CSS -227CSS -207Before slipping into it, Colleen took a moment to admire her gown from Sposabella. Moments like these is where it really sinks in ❤ CSS -218CSS -243CSS -244LOOK at the back of that gown! Stunning! Colleen and her style are true beauty! CSS -255CSS -258CSS -284CSS -286CSS -291Colleen’s mother, grandmother, sister and the rest of her amazing ladies watched in adornment as she opened her unique and ADORABLE gift from Steven…CSS -307CSS -295CSS -313CSS -314CSS -315Steve wrote a book detailing their love story…but they are PUPPIES! How cute! Shout-out to brother and sister in law Rick & Erin for their help! CSS -325CSS -326CSS -345CSS -352CSS -368CSS -372CSS -385CSS -389CSS -391CSS -393CSS -425Colleen reached the bottom of the steps and was greeted by her father, who was imminently moved to tears upon seeing his daughter. CSS -432CSS -446CSS -448CSS -455CSS -491This look…this emotion…this couple…this family. It was an honor. CSS -496CSS -503CSS -510CSS -515CSS -582CSS -601-1CSS -630CSS -636CSS -650CSS -669CSS -712Sibling photos: Expectation vs. reality! CSS -718CSS -720CSS -731CSS -734CSS -738CSS -742CSS -749CSS -750CSS -754CSS -756CSS -758CSS -760CSS -766CSS -768CSS -770CSS -779The charm on Colleen’s flowers is very special to them, to their friends, and to us. It holds a small piece of a hugely wonderful person who could only be with us in spirit on this special day. Zack was there…on the flowers, in our hearts, in our minds, and right beside us ❤ CSS -790CSS -810CSS -813CSS -819Thank you, The Master’s Baker for this beautiful and delicious work of art! CSS -830CSS -841CSS -865CSS -882CSS -888CSS -892CSS -897CSS -901CSS -907CSS -914CSS -920CSS -922CSS -930CSS -932These two snuggled and shared a sweet first dance…CSS -934Before busting out their moves for a surprise dance! It was awesome!!CSS -938CSS -974CSS -992After that exciting dance from the bride and groom that had the entire ballroom on their feet and screaming, we changed gears and listened to some sweet and emotional speeches. CSS -1025CSS -1032CSS -1059CSS -1065CSS -1071CSS -1080CSS -1089CSS -1095CSS -1104CSS -1106Mr. & Mrs. Sliwinski took a moment to pay tribute to Zack, talking of his memory, his beautiful soul, and the amazing life he lived. He was without a doubt there with us that night. A special toast just for him was in order before kicking off the party that he would have absolutely been in the center of! CSS -1035CSS -1119CSS -1124CSS -1131CSS -1276CSS -1316CSS -1360CSS -1370CSS -1424

    Congratulations you two! We are so happy for you and wish you ALL the best in your future together ❤


    Bridal Gown: Sposabella

    Bride’s Shoes: David’s Bridal

    Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

    Cake: The Master’s Baker

    Ceremony Music: Silversound

    Florist: Blue Moon Florist

    Jeweler: Jared

    Men’s Wear: Darianna Bridal

    Venue: Downingtown Country Club

  • 2018-01-11T22:02:18Z

    Wedding: Courtney + Brandon | Capon Bridge, West Virginia


    We could NOT have asked for a more perfect day. That blue sky, the pleasant weather, the gorgeous location, the beautiful couple…it was all so much more than we could have asked for.

    Totally calm and chill all day, Courtney and Brandon greeted us, welcomed us, and made us feel right at home from the very second we showed up. Already developing a cherished friendship with Courtney, it was really special for me to be photographing this day for her. Our breaths were taken away when we stepped out of the Jeep and looked around at the setup. (SO much of the setup you see below were crafted, built, cut, folded and put together by the bride and groom themselves. DIY and party planner prodigies.)

    Shenandoah Valley Wedding Photographer

    CBS-5CBS-8CBS-24Though most of the decor (do you SEE those gorgeous tables?? HAND-MADE by the bride and groom!) are crafted by Mr. and Mrs. Spaid themselves, those lovely antique chairs were shipped in for this occasion and now make a statement in their home ❤ We’d call it a win 😉 CBS-33CBS-34CBS-41CBS-43CBS-44CBS-47CBS-48CBS-54This gorgeous lacy gown is from The Barn Bridal in Bunker Hill, West Virginia. It was absolutely perfect for Courtney! CBS-56CBS-81CBS-85CBS-92CBS-101CBS-99CBS-96CBS-116CBS-120CBS-107CBS-130Always ready to strike a pose and show us how stunning she is, it never comes without her true, super fun personality coming out! CBS-147CBS-158As Courtney prepared inside their home, Brandon enjoyed the weather outdoors. CBS-153CBS-166CBS-168Fun fact: October is usually a fairly cool or at least mild month. On this October day, it felt more like June or July! The boys still killed it in their flannels! CBS-178CBS-179CBS-182CBS-189Before walking out to meet Brandon for their first look, Courtney pulled out some stunning arrangements from Westerwisp. CBS-195CBS-203CBS-210CBS-225CBS-226CBS-230CBS-233CBS-243CBS-249CBS-252CBS-254The family photos were complete once their pup Ruger joined in! CBS-265CBS-270CBS-278CBS-286CBS-295CBS-302CBS-315CBS-317CBS-319CBS-322CBS-415CBS-705CBS-433CBS-448CBS-452CBS-456CBS-458CBS-481CBS-469CBS-489CBS-505CBS-513CBS-523CBS-530CBS-537CBS-547CBS-562CBS-572CBS-583CBS-584CBS-607CBS-614CBS-620CBS-692Following that beautiful ceremony was food for everyone…tacos, fried chicken…everything! CBS-627CBS-694CBS-653CBS-704CBS-711CBS-720There are no words for this stunner from Lemon Tulip Cakes & Bakery. Oh. My. Goodness! CBS-723CBS-735CBS-766CBS-778CBS-779CBS-803CBS-811CBS-824CBS-828After their dance, we just had to steal them off for a bit! CBS-849CBS-858CBS-864CBS-867CBS-872CBS-877CBS-894When the party started, bluegrass band Shenandoah Spirits were ready! What a great time! CBS-900CBS-934CBS-957CBS-960CBS-970CBS-980CBS-987CBS-1013CBS-1092We couldn’t be happier for these two, and we had the most amazing time at their wedding! We can’t thank them enough for making us a part of such a gorgeous day. Courtney and Brandon, your hard work does not go unnoticed…you two are such a sweet couple of humans and you put on a party like pros! Cheers to a lifetime of love, health and happiness!



    Band: Shenandoah Spirits

    Bridal Gown: The Barn Bridal

    Bride’s Accessories: Westerwisp

    Cake: Lemon Tulip Cakes & Bakery

    Caterer: Friends

    Decor: Bride and Groom

    Florist: Westerwisp

    Hair: Bride

    Jeweler: Cooper’s Jewelers

    Makeup: Bride

    Stationery/Invitations: Vistaprint

    Wedding Planner: Bride

    Venue: Bride and Groom’s home. West Virginia.

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